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Follow these tips to Cold Water Swimming

Cold Water Swim Diary ❄️

Wednesday the 29th September.

14 degrees 1k in 20mins and cold at last!

Every Swim Zone Coached session will now be treated as a Cold Water Swimming session on my members app and website - kit list will be issued.

🌡🥶 Purchase water temp gauges and measure the temperature to determine how long you can be in for (remember the temp is colder in the deeper waters) monitoring your recovery. For example

📝 -

Water temp 15 degrees

15 minutes spent in the water

Recovery was good.

⏱ Cut your time to 1min per 1degree and monitor your recovery. If your recovery was good then you then know it’s safe to add a minute.

Do you need to be careful in a wetsuit?? -

Yes you do. Remember you can still suffer with hyperthermia in a wetsuit. As a coach I will do what I need do to remove you from your suit if your temperature drops dangerously low. Your life is worth more than the cost of it.

📝 Never swim without having everything on your cold swim kit list. Wooly hat, warm clothing hot water bottle etc…

💧 Remove your wet kit first. Your body temp will continue to drop for 20 minutes after you leave the water. Removing wet & cold kit will prevent this from dropping faster.

🔥 DO NOT get in to your car and blast the heaters! Warm up gradually from the outside in. Bobble hat, warm clothes etc. A hot water bottle will help your hands warm up and a hot flask may be a placebo effect but it sure works for me! ☕️🧣🧤

Swim Smart!

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